Donald Trump's Latest Approval Ratings in Election Swing States Reveal How Unpopular He Has Become

Trump voters are only beginning to learn what a fraud he really is:

The country as a whole isn’t thrilled with President Donald Trump’s job performance. And in general, the same goes for the swing states that helped him win the presidency last November, according to the latest polls.

A handful of key states where both candidates seemingly had a shot at winning allowed Trump to shock the country and win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Michigan was one such state. Trump narrowly edged out Clinton, earning 47.6 percent of the vote to her 47.3 percent. A paltry 11,612 votes gave the former reality star Michigan’s 16 electoral votes.

A little more than four months into his presidency, Trump isn’t exactly beloved in Michigan. Only 37 percent of likely voters in the state view him favorably, according to a new poll released by EPIC-MRA this week. Fifty-three percent viewed Trump unfavorably to some degree, while 44 percent of voters viewed the president very unfavorably. And that’s not the worst of it.

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