The Real Story Behind Donald Trump’s Phony Coal Cookout Celebration

“The mines are starting to open up,” he said as he announced the withdrawal from the pact on Thursday afternoon. “We’re having a big opening in two weeks.”

He went on: “A big opening of a brand new mine’s unheard of. For many, many years that hasn’t happened.

He was speaking as if the new Acosta mine in western Pennsylvania were another of his fantastic accomplishments. He seemed to see confirmation of this in an invitation to chow down at the Janesville Speedway Complex on June 8.

“They asked me,” he said. “I’m going to try.”

Only, the digging of the mine had begun two months before the presidential election. The Corsa Coal Company had been responding to a climate change-linked rise in the price of the particular kind of coal found there.

This is metallurgical coal, which is also found in abundance in Australia.

The worldwide price hike was partly the result of the threat of increasingly frequent and more intense cyclones Down Under.

And the Australian Bureau of Meteorology attributed the shift in the weather to what else but climate change.

Source: The Real Story Behind Donald Trump’s Phony Coal Cookout Celebration

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