The Trump Administration Removed a Sexual Assault Prevention Report from the White House Website

Just when you think this administration has hit a new low they surprise us:

Donald Trump has a terrible record when it comes to women. Whether you’re talking about his policy (say, a health-care bill that would have gutted women’s access to coverage), his personnel (the White House staff is overwhelmingly male and has a greater gender wage gap than previous administrations), or his personal life (multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault, plus the Access Hollywood tape that seems to, well, corroborate some of those allegations), the takeaway is the same: Donald Trump is bad for women.

…removing this report without substituting a new policy could indicate where the Trump administration plans to go with sexual-assault policy—particularly when it comes to handling campus assaults. And that’s why it should come as no surprise that BuzzFeed is now reporting that Betsy DeVos is planning to make an announcement this week about Title IX that’s expected to unveil a new policy for handling campus rape.

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