Trump Called US Military Leaders 'Losers' While Calling ISIS 'Smart' and 'Tough'

Trump resents the military, and patriots in general, because he’s a draft dodger. And when he can’t compete with smart and superior intellects he calls them names. He admires dictators and thugs because that’s what he knows best. Donald is a wannabe Hitler, Stalin. But he’s too mentally challenged to get there:

Donald Trump has undergone several fascinating evolutions on the subject of terrorism and, in particular, ISIS. Immediately following the news of a terrorist explosion in London this week, Trump leapt to smear British law enforcement, earning him a swift rebuke from Prime Minister Theresa May.

Another evolution has been his decreasingly frequent use of the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism,” which his administration has officially rejected and which Trump himself has left out of important speeches. This is likely due to the influence of National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, who agrees with Barack Obama that the phrase is “not helpful.”

Instead, starting with the Manchester terrorist attack in May, Trump declared that he “will call them, from now on, losers.”

True to his word, Trump used the stinging epithet following this week’s attack, which injured 22 people.

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