Trump's Lawyers Discussed Confidential Matters in Public Witnessed by a Reporter

This is beyond incompetence. It is a potential national security lapse since these lawyers represent the President of the United States:

Two lawyers working for Donald Trump discussed how forthcoming the White House should be with Special Counsel Robert Mueller while they were in the presence of a New York Times reporter last week.

Ty Cobb and John Dowd, Washington, DC area attorneys hired to defend the president from potential criminal charges related to his various Russian influence scandals, discussed the topic out loud at a local steakhouse while journalist Kenneth Vogel sat close by.

According to what the two men said aloud in Vogel’s presence, Cobb has issues with White House Counsel Don McGahn, who would be much less forthcoming to Mueller. “The White House counsel’s office is being very conservative with this stuff,” Mr. Cobb reportedly said, adding that McGahn has another White House attorney working as his spy and has “got a couple documents locked in a safe.”

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