U.S. on Verge of War with Kim Jong Un but we have no Ambassador to South Korea

Nominee for ambassador to South Korea, Cha pulled
Victor Cha

This should be a top story along with the Russia investigation. How could the U.S. government not have an ambassador to a country where we have tens of thousands of troops. In an area where war could break out at any time. It shows this President has no understanding, or concern, for American national security:

…for more than a year now since the departure of the last American ambassador, Mark Lippert, a veteran of Barack Obama’s White House staff, a gregarious figure, accessible and outspoken. While North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has been ordering missile shots and South Korea has undergone a cataclysmic domestic leadership transition, the U.S. embassy here has plodded on with no one to enunciate U.S. policy definitively through the first year of Donald Trump’s tumultuous presidency.

This administration could have appointed someone who would’ve been very capable. But was pulled because he wasn’t insane enough for this White House. That begs the question: who is crazier Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump:

For nearly six months now, American diplomats could also note that one of America’s leading scholars, a veteran of the White House staff of George W. Bush, a bona fide conservative often reviled by liberals for his “hardline” views, was about to take the post. Victor Cha, a distinguished professor at Georgetown University and chief Korea expert at the influential Center for Strategic and International Studies, a powerful Washington think tank, seemed ideally suited for the post.

Alas, that’s not to be. Cha may have been targeted by liberals as a right-winger with close ties to South Korean as well as American corporations, but he clearly wasn’t enough to the right to suit everyone.  No sooner had the White House dropped his name from the running this week, Cha had an op-ed in the Washington Post outlining his opposition to a preemptive strike on North Korea’s nuclear and missile facilities—not even a “bloody nose” attack that some White House figures believe could be carried out without inspiring the massive response that everyone fears.

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