The pre-Trump Republican Party is Dead

Republicans have succeeded in destroying their party by defending/following a conman masquerading as president who could care less about the GOP. Never again can they talk about being the party of fiscal responsibility with a straight face:

“Our debt is a threat to this country,” Ryan said in a 2013 speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “We have to tackle this problem before it tackles us.”

Enter Trump. The self-proclaimed “king of debt.” The man who said “I love debt.” And someone totally uninterested in putting debt reduction anywhere near the top of his priorities list.

From his tax cut plan to his $25 billion ask for border wall funding, Trump has shown time and again that deficit spending is 100% A-OK with him.

And, amazingly, the GOP Congress has simply gone along with him. The same people who spent the Obama years insisting that the Democratic president was spending the country into certain oblivion have suddenly made peace with a Republican president who seems to care even less about the debt.

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