Trump’s Appeasement of North Korea is Treason

He attacks our closest allies and cozies up to our enemies. There is no longer question that he is agent of Putin and the Kremlin. But his charade meeting with the North Korean dictator is the final straw. If Obama had met with Un he would have been accused of treason.  This meeting is nothing but a charade intended to divert public attention from Trump’s legal problems. And he has succeeded. With the help of the press, of course.

The appeasement has begun. Un already has gotten Trump to make concessions. This agreement works to undermine our relationship with our allies, South Korea:

President Donald Trump rocked the region with the stunning announcement Tuesday that he was halting annual U.S.-South Korean military drills — and wants to remove the 28,500 U.S. troops stationed in the South as a deterrent against North Korea.

Trump’s surprise, almost offhand comments, made during a news conference after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, seemingly upended decades of the U.S. defense posture on the Korean Peninsula.

The remarks contradicted countless previous declarations by U.S. political and military officials over the years that the drills are routine, defensive and absolutely critical.

Trump has now essentially adopted the standard North Korean line, calling the military exercises a “provocative” drain of money and announcing they would stop while he continues talks with Kim, whom he repeatedly praised as a solid negotiating partner.

His statement was quickly portrayed by critics as a major, unreciprocated concession to a country that only last year was threatening Seoul and Washington with nuclear war.

It also seemed to leave officials completely off guard in South Korea, where the presence of U.S. troops has long been described as necessary to maintaining peace on the peninsula.

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