Trump’s Rumored Love Child, Potential Coverup By ‘National Enquirer’ Under Scrutiny Again Thanks To Avenatti

It just keeps getting worse for you everyday, Donald. You might as well quit now:

In April, the New Yorker reported on a former Trump Tower doorman, Dino Sajudin. Dino had met with the National Enquirer in 2015 and sold a story about how Trump had fathered a love child with a housekeeper. Sajudin says that he received the $30,000 payment, as agreed upon, but that the story was buried and never published. Later on, many cast doubt on Sajudin’s claims, although he had passed a lie detector test. However, the New YorkerAssociated Press, and the Washington Post reportedly all corroborated the story at least in part, said Vox.