Yes, Democrats Should Talk About Impeaching Trump

So why aren’t they talking about it? It’s simple, Democrats want to play politics. They are more interested in winning elections than they are in doing the right thing. So we shouldn’t depend on Democrats. We must demand it:

There has never been a president as corrupt and dangerous to our democracy as Donald Trump. Democrats—with more than 77 percent of the party’s voters supporting impeachment—can use this to their advantage by listening to the Democratic base leading up to the midterms.

In an election year that is going to come down to energizing the base of the party, talking about impeachment is not just politically smart for Democrats, it’s the morally right thing to do. That doesn’t mean Democrats should avoid talking about policy issues that matter deeply to the electorate. It means standing up for what’s right and recognizing the reality of the moment. The disdain among Americans for this president’s corruption and criminal behavior is only matched in the country’s history by the public dislike for President Richard Nixon before he resigned from office.

CNN Video Montage Shows Donald Trump’s White House Waging War On Reality Again And Again

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani was widely ridiculed over the weekend for claiming that “truth isn’t truth.”

But Giuliani is far from the only member of the Trump administration who has tried to distort reality in such a blatant way, as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer highlighted on Monday’s broadcast of “The Situation Room.”

Source: CNN Montage Shows Donald Trump’s White House Waging War On Reality Again And Again | HuffPost

Trump Reportedly Got into a Bizarre Fight with Vets Over ‘Apocalypse Now’

Even vets are realizing that despite all the talk about making ‘America Great again,’ Trump is incapable of patriotic conduct:

Donald Trump’s public behavior is so outrageous, and his public statements are so odd, that it sometimes seems like he can’t be any worse behind closed doors. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that what happens in the White House is even odder than anyone can imagine—at least, that’s the takeaway from a Friday Daily Beast story reporting that a 2017 meeting between Trump and veterans groups devolved into an argument about Apocalypse Now.

Trump Aide Fired After Being Exposed as a White Supremacist

Don’t bother. We know what this administration represents–racists. This firing won’t change that:

A speechwriter and policy aide has left the White House after CNN’s KFile uncovered that he had spoken at a conference mostly attended by white nationalists. Darren Beattie appeared on a panel with well-known white nationalist Peter Brimelow, the founder of of the anti-immigration website Vdare, at the 2016  H.L. Mencken Club Conference, a small annual gathering popular with white nationalists like Richard Spencer and others on the alt-right. (The conference’s namesake, Mencken, was a satirist and journalist whose posthumously published diaries also revealed him to be an anti-semite and racist.)

When CNN asked the White House to comment on Beattie’s involvement in the conference, they dragged their feet and asked them to hold the story. A few days later, Beattie no longer worked in the Trump administration. According to the Washington Post, Beattie insisted he was not a racist and refused calls to resign when confronted with the CNN story. Once White House officials realized he would not quit, per the Post’s sources, they fired him out of concern his continued presence would generate negative headlines. It is not yet known if Trump or White House chief of staff John Kelly were involved in the decision.

Trump’s trillion-dollar-plus deficits put America on path to fiscal ruin

The ‘King of debt’ is doing to the country what he did with his businesses:

It became very clear this month that neither the Trump White House nor its allies on Capitol Hill want you to know that the federal budget is already in very bad shape … and getting worse.

…Treasury showed what no president ever wants to admit: the deficit is spiking. The federal government’s red ink this year is already 21 percent above what it was in 2017 and there are few prospects that the bottom line will improve anytime soon.