Donald Trump nearly declared war on North Korea with proposed tweet, Bob Woodward book reveals

For this reason it’s imperative we remove this madman from the White House:

Donald Trump nearly started a conflict with North Korea in early 2018, when he proposed a tweet that “scared the daylights” out of his defence secretary James Mattis, a new book claims.

“This is all about leader versus leader,” said Mr Trump, according to Fear, an upcoming book by legendary Watergate journalist Bob Woodward seen by the Telegraph. “Man versus man. Me versus Kim.”

Woodward reveals that Mr Trump wanted to send a tweet ordering US military dependents – thousands of family members of 28,500 troops – to leave South Korea.

Trump to Provide Written Answers in Summer Zervos Lawuit

President Donald Trump will answer questions in writing and under oath for the 2017 defamation lawsuit filed by former “Apprentice” contestant Summer Zervos, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

According to a new court filing, attorneys for the president and Zervos have agreed to the exchange of “written answers and objections” to questions submitted in writing by Sept. 28. Trump will be sworn in prior to the written interrogation.

Zervos, who in 2016 accused Trump of grabbing her breast without her consent and unwanted aggressive kissing in 2007, filed suit against the then president-elect in January 2017. The defamation suit alleges that Trump falsely branded Zervos a liar after she made her accusations public, calling her story “totally made up nonsense.”

Source: Trump to Provide Written Answers in Summer Zervos Lawuit