Most Americans believe Russia has Compromising Information on Donald Trump

Doesn’t Matter what the Mueller Report says on whether Trump ‘colluded’ with the Russians, you and I know the truth. Donald Trump is a traitor. He is working on behalf of the Kremlin:

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that 52 percent of voters believe Russia has compromising information on President Donald Trump. The finding comes as his administration insists at every turn that Attorney General William Barr’s letter about the Mueller report exonerates Trump, even though it says the exact opposite.

And the public knows that Trump tried to impede the Mueller investigation because he and his minions have something to hide. The all lied about their contacts with the Russians. That’s why we all want to read the report and judge for ourselves:

The poll also found that a 47 percent plurality of voters believe Trump “tried to impede or obstruct the investigation into whether his campaign had ties to Russia.” A 49 percent plurality also said they’re most likely to accept Robert Mueller’s Version of the investigation, with only 27 percent saying they’d trust Trump’s. Most voters believe the full Mueller report should be made public (82 percent).


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