Trump’s choice for Fed seat Stephen Moore owes $75,000 to IRS

Trump can’t help but hire people who are cheats:

Stephen Moore, President Donald Trump’s pick for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board, owes $75,000 in taxes and penalties to Uncle Sam.

A circuit court filing in Maryland shows the US government won a judgment against Moore, a former Trump campaign adviser and now a distinguished fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, for a federal tax lien valued at $75,328.80. The January 2018 filing says it was for unpaid taxes, penalties, interest and other costs in 2014.

In fact, the liar-in-chief hired someone who is his own image–unfit to hold office but good at self promotion:

Stephen Moore’s career as an economic analyst has been a decades-long continuous procession of error and hackery. It is not despite but precisely because of these errors that Moore now finds himself in the astonishing position of having been offered a position on the Federal Reserve board by President Trump.

Moore’s primary area of pseudo-expertise — he is not an economist — is fiscal policy. He is a dedicated advocate of supply-side economics, relentlessly promoting his fanatical hatred of redistribution and belief that lower taxes for the rich can and will unleash wondrous prosperity. Like nearly all supply-siders, he has clung to this dogma in the face of repeated, spectacular failures.

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