Is Trump Deliberately Trying to Incite a Civil War?

I think this is a fair question. Once again Trump defended Robert E. Lee because he knows it’s a dog whistle that incites his base. He will do anything to save his presidency including start a civil war. Trump knows that if he loses the election in 2020, or is impeached, that he will certainly go to jail. The only thing that could save him then is a revolution lead by well armed white supremacists.

The administration is openly defying the law. That suggests they (along Republicans) are ready to start a civil war. That is the only logical result of ignoring Congressional and court ordered subpoenas:

And the language is getting more and more bellicose. Trump is longer concerned about the repercussions of his language. It is open defiance to everything, including the rule of law:

The shooting in California at a synagogue is the latest consequence of a president who routinely incites white supremacists. Expect much, much more if Trump remains in power much longer.

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