‘Trump Couldn’t Remember Basic Words’: Omarosa Explains Exactly Why She Thinks the President has a ‘Mental Impairment’

That explains a lot:

She added: “I’m not a doctor. I can only assess the Donald Trump that I knew in 2003 and the Donald Trump that I knew in 2017. And he is not the same man. In the morning he would say one thing, by the afternoon, he was contradicting himself. And he wouldn’t remember that he was contradicting himself.

She also pointed out that Trump recently encouraged Republicans to pass an immigration bill, and then shortly thereafter, he claimed he never wanted them to pass the legislation.

“I don’t believe that that’s just him lying,” she said. “I really do believe that he has some sort of mental impairment and decline.”

Trump has no Black Senior White House Staff

We’re not surprised, are we:

None of President Donald Trump’s senior White House officials are black.

Only a handful of his senior staff are of Latino, Asian or Arab descent, according to a CNN review of 48 senior White House officials. Instead, the President is being advised by a senior White House staff that is overwhelmingly white.

The lack of diversity in Trump’s West Wing comes back into focus as Trump’s longtime adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman, the only African-American to serve in a senior role in Trump’s White House, re-emerged into the public arena to promote her new book. In the eight months since Manigault Newman was fired, Trump has yet to appoint a single African-American to a senior White House role as either an assistant or a deputy assistant to the President.

Constitutional Lawyers: Donald Trump Should Be Impeached Now Because ‘The Constitution Demands It’

We don’t need the Mueller investigation to demand impeachment. Trump violations of the law and the constitution are clear cut. The Congress not acting now is a clear dereliction of duty:

Congress, which has the authority to begin impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump has been reluctant to act, awaiting the results of special counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal investigation, among other things.

But in a new book, three veteran constitutional lawyers argue that the framers of the Constitution provided impeachment as a remedy in anticipation of a leader like Trump, and that he’s committed enough offenses for removal proceedings to begin immediately.

The framers of the Constitution “were obsessed with corruption,” and “to defend against this ever-present danger, they built bulwarks into the Constitution itself,” the book The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump, set for release Tuesday, says.

Authoritarianism expert hints Lindsey Graham may be covering for Trump due to the 2016 Russian hacking of his own emails

Clearly there many other Republicans that have been compromised by the Kremlin:

Addressing the about-face Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has made — going from Donald Trump critic to stalwart Trump defender — authoritarian expert Sarah Kendzior suggested that the South Carolina Republican may be doing it involuntarily.

Appearing on MSNBC’s AM Joy with guest host Jonathan Capehart, Kendzior was asked what she made of Graham who called for the Mueller investigation in the beginning but now wants it to abruptly end.

‘We Have A Tape Of Donald Trump!’ Ex-KGB Spy Claimed In 2016 Before Dossier ‘Pee Tape’ Story, CIA Veteran Says

It is not in dispute that Trump is truly a manchurian candidate. The KGB has worked to make to him president for decades. And they’ve succeeded:

At the same time as the author of a new investigative book about Donald Trump and Russia claimed that Trump became a Russian “asset” as far back as 1987, as The Inquisitr reported, a veteran former CIA agent has told an audience in Colorado that Trump became a Russian “agent of influence” a year before that — in 1986 when Trump attended a cocktail party also attended by agents of the KGB, the dreaded secret intelligence service of what was then the Soviet Union.

But CIA veteran turned author Bob Baer added another startling detail, in his talk to a small audience at a Telluride, Colorado, public library on Thursday. During the 2016 presidential election campaign, months before the Christopher Steele Dossier became public — or before Steele had written more than a portion of the now-notorious document — a former KGB agent told Baer, “We have a tape of Donald Trump!”

Donald Trump Jr. Deletes False Instagram Post That Claims Father Is More Popular Than Obama

Don Jr. shows why the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He’s a fraud just like dad. And that’s why he’s going to jail:

Donald Trump Jr. deleted a doctored image from his Instagram Friday, which showed his father’s approval rating at 50%.

The falsified image originated from a CNN segment that aired on Monday, which compared numbers from the same period in the past two presidencies. It showed President Donald Trump’s current 40% approval rating, compared to former president Barack Obama’s 45%, as well as unemployment rates and jobs added.

President Trump’s summer getaway: Don’t call it a vacation

He has to lie about everything even when it’s obvious it’s a lie:

President Donald Trump is spending his summer vacation at his golf club in New Jersey. Wait, don’t call it “vacation.”

Trump, who is loath to admit to sleeping — let alone taking time off — has spent his week away mixing downtime and golf rounds with meetings and dinners, intent on projecting the image that he’s been hard at work.

Ensconced at his private club, he’s surrounded by a clutch of unofficial Bedminster advisers, who have unusual levels of access to a president with the propensity for mixing business with leisure.

Not that it was his idea to leave Washington anyway, he contends.

Conservative magazine: ‘Republicans will regret’ supporting Trump in the face of a ‘cascade’ of Russia lies

Eventually most Republicans will realize that they were duped. But by then it will be too late to save the GOP because will have become the party of treason:

In a scathing column, the editorial board of the conservative Weekly Standardmagazine unleashed criticism not just for Donald Trump‘s continued lies about the infamous Trump Tower meeting, but also against Republicans who insistently support him.

The editorial refers to the Trump camp’s ever-changing story on the Trump Tower meeting that took place June 2016 between the president’s son, son-in-law, campaign manager and a Russia lawyer escorting an envoy of her countrymen.

Charlottesville one year on: Protests to target White House

We will not give in to violence on the right:

All eyes are on Washington this weekend with white supremacists and anti-fascists organising protests to mark the one-year anniversary of their deadly confrontation at a rally in Charlottesville.

Authorities have raised security at a park outside the White House to try to keep the two groups separate and avoid a repeat of the violent clashes between them a year ago.

First Muslim woman in U.S. Congress vows to take the fight to Donald Trump in Washington

The questions is whether Trump or Pence will swear her in when she becomes a Congresswoman. Awkward:

Rashida Tlaib’s opposition to President Donald Trump began while he was still candidate Trump and before she decided to run for Congress.

The 42-year-old attorney, who is set to become the first Muslim woman elected to Congress, was booted from a 2016 Trump campaign speech in Detroit for heckling the polarizing Republican.

After winning Tuesday’s Democratic primary to run unopposed for the House seat that Rep. John Conyers held for more than five decades before retiring amid sexual harassment allegations, Tlaib, the eldest of 14 children born to Palestinian immigrants , vowed to take the fight to Trump once she’s in Washington.